The Literary Salon “Noon” organizes two literary meetings Press House in Gaza




Gaza - Press House

In July,‎ The Literary Salon “Noon”, a "feminist intellectual ‎literary intellectual group", organized two literary meetings at the Press House Office, with presence of a group of writers, intellectuals and amateurs.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, the salon hosted Ms. Mayada Al-Saedi at the bimonthly symposium on the topic of "Trends in Palestinian Feminist Poetry After 2000".

The meeting facilitator, Dr. May Nayef, said that Al-Saedi is one of the women who are interested in women's poetry in the Arab world, after she was able to provide good content in the master's thesis, which include three chapters through which the researcher aimed to highlight the trends of Palestinian woman`s poetry after 2000.

MS. Al-Saedi said that through the master's thesis she was able to identify the features of the artistic poems, and to study the aesthetics of the linguistic or artistic displacement of the poets of Al-Nazarh city, for example, because she is interested in poetry and poets, and an analytical comparison of the production of poets from different Arab countries.


On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, The Literary Salon “Noon” ‎held a literary meeting, on the topic of "Two Readings in a Summer Novel with the Enemy“ by  Shahla Al-Ajili", read by Dr. Iman Abu Shaaban and Dr. May Nayef.

The novel by the Syrian writer Shahla al-Ajili refers to the integration of Syrian refugees into European cities, through a Syrian refugee who tragically appears (interspersed with the bombing of her mother in front of her with a Mine, and carrying half of her body on a horse), from besieged Al-Raqqa city.

They explained that the writer Shahla al-Ajili, in the deep structure of her novel, tries to establish the place of the lost homeland in the lost self, with an approach to deeply integration of the place of refuge, which is different from the usual approach of the usual way of living the nostalgia of the refugee.

The Literary Salon “Noon”‎ holds literary sessions continuously throughout the month, through which a novel or short story is discussed.