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Press House

Press House

Press House-Palestine is an independent, non-profit Palestinian media institution, and not a representative body, established in January 2013, through an initiative by a group of independent journalists to promote freedom of opinion and expression, support independent media and provide legal protection for journalists in Palestine.

Press House adopts several strategies within its theory of change, through building journalists' capacities, enhancing the right to access information, providing an independent media platform for dialogue and advocacy for media and community issues, and enhancing the principle of accountability.

Press House respects the principles of human rights, public freedoms and adopts an inclusive approach in the provision of services, as well as a participatory approach in decision-making.

Our Vision:

Press House-Palestine seeks to play a leading role by acting as a platform for independent media, freedom of expression, and quality of journalism in the Palestinian community.

Our Mission:

Press House aims to be an incubator for independent Palestinian media, to promote freedom of opinion and expression through improving the performance of Palestinian journalists (women and men) professionally, raising their competencies, and keep them up with international media revolution, and promoting work ethics among them, In addition to establishing a network of media professionals, intellectuals, writers, media freedom and human rights defenders beside provide a space for dialogue for supporting media and community issues.

Our Overall Objective:

To contribute in the development of independent Palestinian media, that reflects the values of democracy and freedom of expression and its principles.

Our Strategic Objectives:

1-Contribute to enhance the quality of life for journalists in Palestine.

2-Promote freedom of expression, independent media concepts and reject hate speech in Palestine.

3-Contribute to increase the sensitivity of international, regional and local community towards Palestinian community priorities.

Our Programs:

1.Capacity building program.

2.Advocacy and networking program.

3.Media and documentation program.

4.Legal protection of journalists program.