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Press House

Press House – Palestine is an independent, non-profit media institution. that deals with issues relevant for media ,freedom of opinion and expression and supporting of independent media.

Press House-Palestine was founded in January 2013, at the initiative of a group of journalists and concerned people, who are interested in the Palestinian Journalism, in order to establish a free and independent media by adopting the approach of professionally and objectivity in the search for a more democratic society, that reflects a unique model of corporation and exchange with the various sectors of civil society.

The headquarters of the Press House is located in Gaza city with plans to expand its reach through opening other branches.


Press House-Palestine aspires to play a leading role to become a platform for the independent media, freedom of expression, and the quality of journalism in the Palestinian society.


The Press House aims to provide an incubator for the independent Palestinian Media to promote freedom of opinion and expression by improving the performance of the Palestinian journalists professionally, to raise their competencies, and to keep pace the international media progress and promotes press ethics, in addition to the creation of a network of media journalists, intellectuals, writers, defenders of the freedom of the media and human rights ,and advocates of women's issues of both gender, such network works to support the independent media and the freedom of expression and provide a space for dialogue to promote media and community issues.

Overall Objective:

contributing to building an independent Palestinian Media , that reflects the concepts and the principles of democracy and the freedom of expression.


To develop the capabilities of journalists, writers and defenders of the freedom of media, human rights and media activists.

To enhance networking between the local and the international media to create an integrated and balanced partnership with relevant international institutions.

To Strengthen the dissemination and the right of access to information independently and professionally.

To encourage media to support the creativeness of youth, women's issues, human rights, and culture.

To establish a social forum for Palestinian journalists.

To promote the Palestinian causes and publicizing it domestically and internationally and full coordination between governmental, non- governmental and international organizations.

To develop the policies, strategies and administrative staff of the Press House.

Strategic Objective:

To contribute to develop the capabilities of new journalists, partner institutions; to enhance the role of the independent media, through capacity building and training in various related media issues.

To support various media and controversial societal issues through raising journalists and community awareness of their rights; to promote freedom of expression.

To provide an independent and free media outlet, where journalists can publish their work objectively , as well as the provision of an independent and free source of media information and researches that all journalists and media organizations can access.


Training and capacity-building program

Networking and advocacy Program

Media and documentation Program

Partners and Target Groups:

Palestinian journalists of both gender.

Students and graduates of Media colleges.

Writers and Intellectuals.

Decision makers.

Civil society.

Grass-roots community.


The press house is based on a set of values, principles and beliefs that constitute a system of values regarding the institution, through the code of conduct of Palestinian NGO’s and a set of domestic policies. This system of values enables the institution and its staff to provide services and communicate with relevant parties.

Transparency :

The Press House institutions is committed to the right -to -know principle and provision of authoritative information to its main stakeholders in the Palestinian society, in order to ensure openness with the beneficiaries, official and partner institutions and donors on the administrative and financial policies followed.


The institution fully commit itself to the participation of beneficiaries in taking decisions that concerns them, starting from their participation in needs identifications and the implementation and assessment of interventions. Besides its commitment to facilitate knowledge transfer among civil organizations and other concerned parties, through a participation process concerning its policies,

approaches and all relevant to the groups we work for. As for the domestic level the institution believe in the importance of effective participations among employees to enhance their decision making process though their perspectives and experiences.


We believe in the importance of partnership- and coalition-building with all relevant parties in developing media sector including civil society institutions, governmental organizations, national and international coalition, domestic institutions and youth forums.

Independence and Professionalism:

The institution aims to Maintain its autonomy and professionalism when dealing with beneficiaries, partner institutions, donors and parties who we contract with to provide services, through the clarity of policies and administrative and financial procedures adopted.

Justice and Equity:

Press House is committed to treat others under the umbrella of equal opportunities including beneficiaries, employees and partners, away from political, geographical, sectarian and domestic discrimination, or on the basis of gender or social background.