On the World Press Freedom Day .. Press House Opens “Martyrs of Truth Photo Exhibition” with Wide Me

On the World Press Freedom Day .. Press House Opens “Martyrs of Truth Photo Exhibition” with Wide Me

On the World Press Freedom Day .. Press House Opens “Martyrs of Truth Photo Exhibition” with Wide Me

Gaza, 2/5/2015 --- Press House – Palestine opened “Martyrs of Truth” photo exhibition, in presence of martyrs’ families and representative of various NGOs’ representatives and wide media presence and coverage.


The exhibition, which the organization supported as a young media initiative, included photos for martyr journalists who were killed in the last three Israeli offensives against Gaza (2008, 2012, and 2014).


Belal Jadallah, the head of Press House, ensured that the World Press Freedom Day in Palestine differs from any other place in the world; where the Palestinian territories lost 17 journalists during their work in reporting truth.


Jadallah said: “This exhibition shows the way journalists chose, the way where journalists paid their lives as a price to report the truth, while our colleague journalists in the world are congratulating each other with a new year and are obtaining more rights and privileges and enjoying international immunity recognized by all laws and customs.”


Jadallah ensured that the World Press Freedom Day come and Gaza’s journalists are prohibited from their simplest right of movement and travel, which is incompatible with all the international laws and standards, pointing out that tens of journalists have been injured for defending and reporting the truth to the world, and many of them are in need for travel to get medication.


He demanded respecting journalists’ rights; calling and hoping that the coming year will provide media freedom and defending journalists’ rights and holding accountable those who are responsible for violating their rights and freedoms.


He also called for opening the violations against journalists file that led to the martyrdom and injury of tens of journalists, and raise their cases to the international forums.


Jadallah concluded his word ensuring that journalists will continue their way in defending and reporting truth whatever it costs; to enhance freedom of opinion and expression.


For his turn, the deputy of journalists’ syndicate, Dr. Tahseen Al Astal said: “17 journalists were killed for the Palestinian cause, regardless of their affiliation; calling for ending Palestinian internal division and actualizing national unity.”


He ensured that martyr journalists’ cause is a top priority to the syndicate and that it has contacted the International Federation of Journalists and Arab Journalists’ Union to raise their case in the international courts.


For his part, the head of government information office, Eng. Ehab Al Ghussein, thanked Press House for their efforts in providing all the necessary support to Palestinian journalists and their rights.


In his word, Al Ghussein said: “We want a real freedom to journalists, not only slogans!” “We refuse all the forms of violations against Palestinian journalists, whether it’s individual or political; calling for enabling and facilitating journalists’ work,” He continued Al Ghussein also demaded to unite the journalistic body in one frame that preserve and protect their rights.


The father of the martyr Khalid Hamad, in a word on behalf of martyrs’ families, thanked Press House for their efforts and the unique event, hoping the organization more success.


At the end of the ceremony, Press House honored the families of martyrs with souvenirs in recognition for accepting their invitation and ensuring that journalists will continue reporting the truth and supporting freedom of expression.


Worth mentioning that this initiative comes as a part of “Enhancing Freedom of Expression, Democracy, & Independency of Palestinian Media” project funded by the Swiss and Norwegian governments’ activities.