Press House Concludes a Training Course in “Investigative Journalism”

Press House Concludes a Training Course in “Investigative Journalism”

Press House Concludes a Training Course in “Investigative Journalism”

Press House – Palestine concluded a training course in “investigative journalism reporting” with the participation of 36 journalists working in different media outlets and fields.


The 20-hour training course continued for 5 days, starting from Tuesday 17/02/2015 to Sunday 22/2/2015; where it was delivered by the Swiss specialist journalist in investigative journalism “Isabelle Ducret”; who won the international award in investigative journalism for 2014.


The first day of training covered the basics of investigative journalism reporting, and principles of making an objective and professional investigative report, in addition to determining the assumption upon which the report will be written.


While the second day covered the subject of sources of information the investigation should depend on, and the importance of attaching official documents with the investigation to ensure its credibility.


Practical training and presentation of an investigative report accomplished by the trainer were delivered in the third day.


The fourth day of training included explanation of how to convince people to make interviews, the importance of protecting sources of information journalists use during investigation without exposing them to risk, the importance of secrecy of the subject of investigation, as well as training on how to conduct interviews with officials and official bodies.


The last day included training on the rights and duties of the journalist, the international media conduct, and presentation of investigative report about the last Israeli offensive on Gaza, especially about Al Shejaia massacre.


Certificates were distributed among trainees at the end of the training day. Worth mentioning that the course came as a part of “Empowering Freedom of Expression, Democracy, and Independency of Palestinian Media” Project’ activities, funded by the Swiss and Norwegian governments, and is one of “Capacity Building of Palestinian Journalists” program activities.