Press House Hosts the Program Officer at “UNDP” in Gaza

Press House Hosts the Program Officer at “UNDP” in Gaza

Press House Hosts the Program Officer at “UNDP” in Gaza

Gaza, 22/01/2015 --- Press House – Palestine hosted Bassel Nasser, programs officer at the United Nations Development Program “UNDP”; to talk about the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip.


“Mohammed Abu Jayab”, the editor in chief of “Economic Newspaper”, managed the meeting in the presence of a group of journalists working in different newspapers and local news agencies.


Nasser said: “The rebuilding of Gaza faces two major problems; the scare funding and the mechanism of entering construction materials to the Strip.”


Nasser ensured that accelerating the process of rebuilding Gaza is linked to ending Palestinian political conflicts and enabling the government from functioning and doing its work in the Gaza strip.


He also demanded to fully open the borders for all Palestinians, not just for the rebuilding process. Nasser called the Palestinian people to exercise pressure over Fateh and Hamas to end this measurable situation and give their people the space to have a decent life.


“According to “UNDP” statistics, the total number of damaged houses reached 30 thousand houses, including 3,300 totally damaged, 1,550 hardly damaged, and the rest are moderately and partially damaged.”


He clarified He also pointed out over 5 thousand economic facilities have been affected during the Israeli war.


Nasser clarified that the fund UNDP received is nothing compared to the mass destruction in Gaza, pointing out that they have received $ 14 million from the United States, and $ 10 million from Sweden to remove the rubble.


He also mentioned that “An agreement has been signed with Qatar with $ 20 million to repair schools’, universities’, and educational institutions’ damage.


In addition, there’s a program that currently works to employ 1000 workers in cooperation with ministry of work and a number of local institutions.”