Press House hosted Students of Public Relations and Advertising at the University College organize a seminar on the human journalist

Students of Public Relations

Students of Public Relations

Students of public relations and advertising department from the University College of Applied Sciences, "Al Ittihad" team on Sunday 2/12/2018, organized a seminar titled "Human Journalist" at the headquarters of Press House - Palestine in Gaza City.

The seminar was hosted by journalist Mohammed Al-Baba, photographer of the French news agency, and journalist Hatem Omar, in the presence of a number of public relations students, a number of journalists and graduates of media colleges from the Palestinian universities.

At the beginning of the meeting, the representative of Press House, Samar Al Malfouh welcomed the audience, stressing the importance of the humanitarian journalism story and its effectiveness in serving the Palestinian cause.

During her speech, she confirmed on the need for journalists to be professional and independent in transferring the facts and events, and that the humanitarian aspect is not overlooked during their work as journalists.

She also demanded journalists to be familiar with their safety equipment and avoid taking a risk when they are not provided to them in the Palestinian territories.

For his part, journalist Al Baba talked about his experience during the coverage of events in the Palestinian territories, stressing that the journalist must take humane responsibility at the same time.

During his speech, Al Baba reviewed some of the incidents happened during his coverage of events in the Palestinian territories and how he was dealing with them between transferring the events in a professional way and between being humane.

In his turn, journalist Hatem Omar said that humanity is an instinct in every human being, stressing that the journalist should be humane in a time that does not neglect the professionalism and independence in transferring the events.

Omar called for pioneer journalists to master the principles of journalism in terms of independence and professionalism and focus on humane stories that convey the reality as it is away from the slogans and frightening citizens.

He explained that the best journalist to talk about humanitarian journalism is the one who covers the events in the field and moves from one event to another.