Press House Opens Photo Exhibition "Journalists on the front line "

Journalists on the front line

Journalists on the front line

On Thursday, 27/9/2018, Press House - Palestine opened a photo exhibition entitled "Journalists on the front line ", which documents the reality of journalism in Gaza.

The exhibition opening was attended by the Chairman of the Press House Belal Jadallah, the photographers Ashraf Abu Amra and Attiya Darwish, and a group of journalists and valuable persons.

In his speech, Jadallah welcomed the guests at the time when journalists celebrated the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Journalist.

He stated that the opening of the photo exhibition "Journalists on the front line " comes in accordance with this important occasion. In which photos taken by the photographer Ashraf Abu Amra and photographer Atiya Darwish were displayed.

"This selected collection of photographs taken by Ashraf and Attiya reflects the reality of the work of journalists in the field during the continuous coverage" ،he proceeded.

Jadallah thanked journalist Ashraf Attiya and every Palestinian journalist, especially the photographers and journalists who document the suffering of the Palestinians.

On 26 September each year, Jadallah added, is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Journalist.

In his speech, he renewed his call on all institutions, federations and domestic and international bodies to intensify their efforts to stop the killers of Palestinian journalists in order to create a deterrent that prevents the continuous attacks on Palestinian journalists and to prosecute those who committed these crimes legally.

On this occasion, Jadallah called for national unity and bring together all media efforts, pointing out that this requires strengthening the unitary speech in the language of the journalism work and rejecting the division and disagreement in order to give priority to the national interest over any particular interest especially under these difficult moments experienced by the Palestinian cause.

On the day of solidarity with the Palestinian journalist, he called on all journalists of the world to join hands with the Palestinian journalists, support them and present their just cause everywhere, so that support for the Palestinian journalist becomes internationally.

In his turn, the photographer Abu Amra welcomed the guests by announcing that he and his colleague Attiya Darwish had presented some of their photographs as a small part of the coverage of journalists during the past months.

He called on the organizations concerned with the rights of journalists to provide support and safety tools for them, as the occupation poses a threat to the lives of Palestinian journalists.

He also called on these institutions to protect journalists and pressure on the occupation to stop attacks on them.