Press House and An Najah's Media Center at West Bank Organizing " Face the Press" meeting with Azzam AL Ahmad- the member of PLO Executive Committee

Azzam AL Ahmad

Azzam AL Ahmad

Press House and Media Center at An Najah National University at Nablus in the West Bank have organized "Face the Press" entitles with "The Palestinian Updates and Media Freedoms" in hosting Azzam AL Ahmad, the member of PLO Executive Committee.

The meeting which goes along with the aim of Press House to enhancing dialogue and Freedom of Expression, has been attended by Journalists, Academics, Syndicates, Politicians, and Activists, however it was led by Dr. Tareef Ashour .

AL Ahmad has presented a specification reading to what is going on in the spot of the American actions in the area and its Propaganda of what is called" The Deal of Century" or The American Plan of Peace.

He stressed that the Palestinians will disable the Deal and the Palestinian Leadership doing a continuing communication with the Arab Parties who have emphasized in separate speeches with President Mahmoud Abbas in the last few days, that the Arabs position is obvious not to accept any solution excluding the Palestinian rights and Western Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

Al Ahmad drew the attention to the dangerous reflections of the Deal of Century on the whole Palestinian scene, and he talked about the attempts to the implementation of the Deal in secret and public.

He Emphasized that the solution of the salaries crisis in the Gaza Strip is approaching egarding to the agreement with the Palestinian National Reconciliation Government throughout the High Committee to follow ending Palestinian Fraction Problem.

The meeting has witnessed a dialogue on the level of national issues and freedoms during the invitations to uniting the efforts to strengthen the internal Palestinian front and building a strategy to encounter this challenges.

The attendees have participated the discussions and posed their interventions and questions to AL Ahmad , and from his side, he was interactive and shared them the discussion.

"Face Press" comes as part of series of meetings, workshops, and training courses being held by Press House and An Najah's Media Center within the project of "Promoting Freedom of Expression, Quality and Independence of Palestinian Media which is funded by the Norwegian and Swiss governments.