Introducing "Sleepless in Gaza..Israeli Drone War on the Gaza Strip" in Press House


Introducing "Sleepless in Gaza..Israeli Drone War on the Gaza Strip" in Press House

Gaza, Wed April 2nd --- Press House – Palestine organized a meeting for introducing the book "Sleepless in Gaza .. Israeli drone war on the Gaza Strip" by Dr. Atef Abu Saif.

The book was published by "Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung", the German foundation, in English language only.

The 55 pages book talks about a lot of facts and events experienced by Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip as a result of the Israeli drones.

The book speaks about the psychological, social, cultural, and educational impacts of the Israeli drones on the Gaza Strip. Which is considered to be the first book talking about this topic.

The book also gives a comprehensive introduction of civilians' loss of life due to drone attacks, noting that 850 Palestinians were martyred since 2000 as a result of the Israeli drone.

Abu Saif said:"Books and international references don't talk in details about the impact of drones on civilians, they only give signals of their risks in general," noting that this was the reason for issuing the book.

The writer also pointed out that the Israeli drones violates Palestinian's privacy rights, and cause significant damage to civilians without any accountability or control over Israel.

"Israel is using Gaza as a field test to improve the efficiency of its newly developed weapons, and unfortunately, the world is encouraging them to do so." He added

He also said:" "In spite of Israel's extensive use of drones in Gaza, there is no observatories or research centers that record what drones cause to citizens of crimes, which sometimes are considered to be war crimes."

He continues:"The effect of drones on life in Gaza is not well researched, on the other hand, we find dozens of studies, researches and monitoring observatories that recorded the use of drones by the United States in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and some countries in Africa."

Abu Saif mentioned that the "Rosa Luxemburg Foundation" will invite him to Germany to carry out promotional campaigns for the book, and to discuss it with political leaders, members of the parliament, and civil society activists; in order to expose the Israeli crimes in the Gaza strip.