Press House-Palestine organizes a press briefing with Mr. John Rutter, representative of EU office

Press House-Palestine organizes a press briefing with Mr. John Rutter, representative of EU office

Press House-Palestine organizes a press briefing with Mr. John Rutter, representative of EU office

Mr. John Gatt Rutter, the representative of EU in West Bank and Gaza, affirmed the supporting position for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital. He confirmed that the EU will continue to provide economic and social help to Palestinians in both West Bank and Gaza, and enable them to build their modern democratic state. He also pointed out to the fact that the EU considers the Palestinian cause as a top priority.

This came during a press briefing organized by Press House- Palestinian in Gaza Strip on 3rdof June,  Monday, with the presence of a group of journalists along with Mr. Rutter, the representative of the European Union who mentioned various issues of concern to the Palestinian cause. Mr Rutter was accompanied by his deputy, David Gere, the director of Media Union Antonia Zafira and Dr. Ayman Fteija , the Director of EU office in Gaza. Mr. Bilal Jadallah, head of Press House-Palestine welcomed the guest and his delegation.

 In response to a question raised by Al- Mashreq News reporter about the European Union's position towards the ongoing human rights’ violations, especially against  journalists,  and the continuation of the blockade on Gaza, Mr. Rutter said:” We know that the Palestinian territories are going through tough and difficult conditions and we’re closely  monitoring  the situation and look forward towards the end of the blockade and reopening of the borders for people, commercial good and humanitarian aid. Regarding the restrictions on Palestinian journalists, we are very concerned about the deteriorating state of freedom of expression”.

The representative of the European Union welcomed President Mahmoud Abbas’s decision to task the independent academic Rami AlHamdallah with forming a new Palestinian government, hoping that a new national government, which will work towards ending the division and restoring the reconciliation and unity between West Bank and Gaza, will be formed soon.

On the Palestinian division between West Bank and Gaza issue, Mr. Rutter stressed that the only solution would be conducting new democratic elections, which will introduce new Palestinian leadership that is capable of addressing one unified speech and getting the needed international support for the Palestinian cause from major powers in the world.

“The European Union has strong relationships with the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people, which are based on international legitimacy and recognition of Palestinians Right of self-determination and the establishment of a Palestinian State within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital” Said the representative of EU.

Mr. Rutter, also assured the European Union’s support for Mr. John Kerry’s,  United States Secretary of State, efforts to push the Peace Process forward and revive the Negotiations, stressing that the main issue is not about the so-called economic peace but about a political peace not economic one.

He also declared that the EU’s support for sanitation, water, energy and infrastructure projects would continue in Gaza strip in collaboration with international partners, especially that EU is considered to be the largest donor for UNRWA.

At the end Mr. Rutter said he was very pleased he could reach “Press House” organization and he got a chance to meet a number of journalists, wishing success and prosperity to this new institution.