The opening of Press House-Palestine headquarters in Gaza

The opening of Press House-Palestine headquarters in Gaza

The opening of Press House-Palestine headquarters in Gaza

Gaza/ Amongst a remarkable official and public attendance, it was announced yesterday Tuesday,, 28thof May , the opening of the main office of  Press House-Palestine to be the first place to serve all categories of Palestinian society including media people, intellectuals and opinion makers.

His Excellency, the Palestinian president, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas blessed the opening of Press House-Palestine.

The opening ceremony was attended by members of the Palestinian factions, representative of the Swiss government and a number of diplomats and diplomatic mission, remarkable personalities, media people, writers, intellectuals (Palestinians and foreigners), directors of international and local organizations, business men, and representatives of Gaza government media as well as human rights organizations.

Press House is amid at creating a network of media youth and intellectuals who believe in freedom of expression and work on promoting our just cause locally and internationally in full cooperation and coordination with official and local organizations.

Belal Jadalla, chairman of Press House’s board of directors, said that the house is looking for opening other branches around the country in the future.

“We look forward to building cooperation relationship with different bodies in the Palestinian society, hoping that at the same time, to become a building tool in achieving the Palestinian national reconciliation and the high national interest of the Palestinian people,” said Mr. Jadallah

“We will exert efforts for playing an important role in activating and explaining our just Palestinian cause to the outside world,” he added.

Jadallah stressed that the house would be ready to help and support the Palestinian media people who work under the most difficult situations, reminding that so many journalists were killed for the sake of revealing the truth. Many of them died as martyrs and other were injured or detained while defending journalism.

Mr Jadallah thanked all those who helped the Press House to succeed, in particular, the CCC/Gaza (Sons of Mohsen Khuzndar), the Swiss government and Paltel group.

Jadallah made it clear that the “house” has no a representative nor syndicate-like nature; it only cares about media and freedom of opinion and freedom of expression.



Several media people who attended this activity expressed their happiness to have such a media institution, pointing out that it was their first time to witness such a variety of distinguished people gathering in one place, away from political disagreements. They hoped that Press House will be a symbol of national unity and it will participate in achieving the national reconciliation.

It is worth mentioning that Press House-Palestine is an independent non-profit media organization, which was established in January 2013 by an initiative of a group of media people who are interested in the Palestinian media affairs. They worked silently day and night with a strong will to reach the moment of launching. Through this house, they hope to have a more developed, free and professional press, in an effort to build a more democratic society and to establish a unique model of cooperation with multiple groups of the society (official and civil) based on partnership and integration.