Press House publishes a factsheet on Violations against Media Freedoms in Palestine, February 2023

 Violations against Media Freedoms in Palestine

Violations against Media Freedoms in Palestine

The Legal Protection Unit for Journalists at Press House - Palestine (BAS) has published a factsheet on the violations against media freedoms in Palestine in February 2023.

The factsheet highlighted violations committed against Palestinian journalists whether by Israeli Occupation, or Internal Palestinian entities, in addition to digital rights violations. The number of committed violations in February against Media Freedoms in Palestine reached (80), the Legal Protection Unit at Press House has documented (55) violations committed by Israeli Occupation representing (69%) out of total violations, (3) internal violations representing (4%) and  and (22) violations of digital rights representing (27%) distributed between (11) violations in the West Bank and (11) violations in the Gaza Strip.

The factsheet showed the distribution of violations by geographical area, as the violations by the Israeli Occupation in the West Bank reached (55), and internally, (3) violations were documented. As for the digital rights violations, (22) digital rights violations were documented.

For more information you can see the factsheet of February, 2023 below: