Press House publishes a newsletter on Violations against Media Freedoms in the Gaza Strip during the current escalation (15th May, 2021)



Gaza- Press House

The Legal Protection Unit for Journalists at Press House - Palestine (BAS) has published a newsletter on violations against media freedoms in the Gaza strip during the current escalation.

The newsletter explained the violations being committed against Palestinian journalists (women and men) by Israeli Occupation, a number of (52) violations were committed against media freedoms so far; the Legal Protection Unit at Press House has documented (25) violations by Israeli Occupation against Journalists (women and men), and another (27) violations against media institutions until now.

The newsletter explained the distribution of violations as follows (8) physical Injuries among Journalists, (4) panic attach cases, (26) destruction of media institutions and (3) partial damage for media institutions, (7) houses for journalists were damaged due to the bombing, (1) case of destruction for press equipment, also (3) cyber-attacks against Palestinian Press agencies in the Gaza strip.

The proportional distribution of violations showed the largest proportion of violations were caused by destruction of media institutions as a result of the bombing buildings (50%), and (15%) cases are physical injuries by missiles fragments, and (13%) bombing of journalist's houses, as well as, (8%) panic attack cases among journalists, (6%) cyber-attacks cases, (6%) partial damage for media institutions and (2%) destruction of journalistic equipment.

For more information see the newsletter below:

11-15 انتهاكات الحريات الإعلامية أثناء العدوان على غزة - انجليزي.png