In partnership with REFORM

Press House organizes a dialogue meeting entitled “ The Removal of Stereotyped Roles of Women through the enhancement of women's legal discourse"

Press House organizes a dialogue meeting

Press House organizes a dialogue meeting

On Thursday, 12th of Sep 2019, the Press House - Palestine, in partnership with REFORM, organized a dialogue meeting discussion entitled “ The Removal of the Stereotyped Role of Women by Enhancing the Feminist- Legal Discourse”, as part of the project “Fostering Social Inclusion and Gender Equality within Palestinian Society tackling gender stereotypes”, funded by the Italian GVC Foundation.

This dialogue meeting is considered one among a group of other Dialogue meetings that will be implemented during the project period in order to shed light on issues related to women's labour on the social, legal, economic and other aspects with a focus on the most important challenges that women are forced to face.‏

This meeting was held in the presence of Ms. Heba Al-Danaf, the Legal Consultant and Researcher, who highlighted the reality of the Palestinian women through numbers that expressed the constant suffering they face under the difficult political, economic and social conditions that increased the level of violence and marginalization practiced against them.

Mrs. Al Danaf showed a series of violations committed against the Palestinian women on the basis of discrimination and gender inequality in various fields.‏

She explained that these violations affected the right to life, health, education, work, political engagement and decision-making, referring to the international conventions that protect women from all forms of discrimination and persecution, the most important of which is the CEDAW Convention and the human rights and the extent of the implementation of the provisions of these conventions in Palestine.

On the other hand, the attendees had participated in a set of questions that opened the field of discussion that led to a set of recommendations at the community level, one of the most important of these recommendations, that the legal work must be covered by the media to ensure its publication and ensure the work under it, in addition to the need for media empowerment of legal workers, and legal empowerment of media workers as these fields complement each other within a clear socio-legal political vision, with a focus on raising the voice of women legally and through media to combat all forms of discrimination and violations practiced against her

‏It’s worth noting that this project aims at challenging discriminatory and exclusionary practices and behaviors that contribute to promoting gender inequality by providing safe spaces for marginalized groups, especially youth and women, to discuss gender-based societal issues, and to improve the exchange of experience among the various components of Palestinian society to promote the social inclusion.