Press House Holds an Open Dialogue Meeting on "The Reality of Journalists Work in Gaza Strip"

The Reality of Journalists Work in Gaza Strip

The Reality of Journalists Work in Gaza Strip

On Thursday, 27/9/2018, Press House - Palestine held an open dialogue meeting on the reality of the work of Palestinian journalists in Gaza Strip. This meeting came on the sidelines of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian journalist.

The meeting was hosted by Dr. Tahseen Alastal, deputy captain of Journalists, journalist Israa Elbuhaisi, correspondent of Al-Alam News Network, and human rights activist at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Mohammed Abu Hashim. In the presence of many journalists and graduates of journalism and media faculties in Gaza.

Tahseen Alastal said that the continuous violations against Palestinian journalists have increased recently as journalists continue to deliver their message despite the attacks and abuses.

He pointed out that all indications confirm the restriction of liberty facing the Palestinian journalists during their movement through the crossings, checkpoints and others. This aims to conceal the truth and the vision of journalism work.

Alastal explained that the national issues cannot be abandoned by the media organizations in Gaza Strip, adding that the journalism organizations cannot absorb the huge number of media graduates. In addition to the lack of practical and scientific possibilities of the journalist which are essential for media institutions.

Journalist Israa Elbuhaisi stressed the necessity to be objective in journalism work in the media outlet where Palestinian journalists work, in addition to maintaining their principle even if it costs a huge price.

She demanded to make the party vision of journalism work more neutral, stressing at the same time that the differences between female and male journalist are no longer exist in the Palestinian territories because female journalists do a great job in the working field even at the darkest circumstances and this is a clear evidence for their capabilities.

In the same context, Mohammed Abu Hashim addressed the violations against the Palestinian journalists during their work, explaining that there is no international protection to protect Palestinian journalists according to the international conventions.

Abu Hashim added that the decision ( 2222) states that anyone who commits crimes against journalists should be prosecuted as an ordinary and non- binding decision. He stressed that the real weapon to protect Palestinian journalists is not the law, but documents and the journalists' cameras, pens and other means that support the laws and violations against them