Press House and Media Center in Al- Najah University organize a workshop about “The international humanitarian law”



The Press House- Palestine organized in cooperation with the Media Center at Al-Najah National University in Nablus in the West Bank on 9th May 2018 a workshop about “The International Humanitarian Law”, targeting 30 students of Media College and a number of journalists.

The workshop was lectured by Dr. Muayad Hattab, The lecturer of Law at Al-Najah national University, who reviewed the most important pillars of the international humanitarian law and its relation to media work, He also spoke about international laws and declarations of human rights and its role in preserving human dignity and its application on the ground.

The workshop comes up as a part of workshops series, courses and future lectures were held by the Media Center in cooperation with the press house which funded by Norwegian and Switzerland governments.

Where, it’s worth mentioning that as upcoming discussion session is being organized by both parties and it’s going to be about “The obstacles facing graduates of journalism and media after graduation", As well as a workshop about the "Gender Media Reality", and will organize a meeting to revive the “International Youth Skills Day” and a number of other activities which related to the of journalists work and media freedoms.