Press House concludes Sports Photography Training Course with the Announcement of the Best Sports Photos

The Target Group On the Last Day

The Target Group On the Last Day

Gaza, 26/12/2017/ Press House – Palestine concluded a training course about Sports Photography with the announcement of the best three photos' winners as a practical product for the training which were held in November. The training course targeted 15 male and female photographers from media graduates and workers in the sports field.

this meeting, Mr. Hekmat Yousef, a member of Board of Directors thanked the trainees for their efforts in presenting unique sports photos, wishing them to continue in their career life after this training.

Moreover, Mr. Yousef added that the organization will work hard to provide useful services for the journalists from both genders including useful future projects and activities.

Furthermore, the trainers Mr. Numan Ashtewi, Director of the APA Agency, and Mr. Mohamed Al-Baba, a photographer at AP agency, highlighted that the process of selecting the best photos wasn't easy as the competition was high, and this reflects the extent to which the trainees benefited from the training and the distinguished skills of each trainee.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yousef announced the winners of the best photos; Tahir Abu Zeid, Khalil Al-Mabhouh and Bisan Qeshta, where they were given cash prizes to encourage them and appreciate their efforts. In addition, certificates were handed over to the rest of the trainees.

Finally, the trainees expressed their sincere gratitude to Press House and the Project's organizers for giving them this opportunity, which opened new horizons for them in the world of photography.