Speech of Press House-Palestine head of board

Speech of Press House-Palestine head of board

Speech of Press House-Palestine head of board


Dear guests,




It's an honor for us to stand here today on the twenty eight of May 2013, to announce together, in your presence, the inauguration of the headquarters of Press House Palestine, to be a home for all journalists, intellectuals, and opinion makers; a home that serves all sectors of our Palestinian society.


Press House- Palestine is an independent non-profit Palestinian media institution, which is neither representative nor has syndicate-like characteristics and is concerned with media issues and freedom of opinion and expression. Press House-Palestine was founded in January 2013 through an initiative of a group of journalists and individuals who are concerned about Palestinian media who worked day and night with a strong will in order to get to this point, the start point, as we aim to achieve more sophisticated, free and professional media that can build a more democratic society and put the corner stone of a unique model of cooperation and exchange with various sectors of civil society on the basis of partnership and integration.  



Today, as you can see, Press House Palestine has its headquarter in Gaza, with intentions to open other branches across Palestine in the future. Press House is looking for building cooperation relations with all sectors of the Palestinian society, hoping at the same time to become a constructive tool in achieving Palestinian national reconciliation and work for the best interest of the Palestinian people. In addition, we will intensify our efforts in order to play an important role in reviving and explaining the just Palestinian cause to the international community and all over international forums.



Ladies and gentlemen


Palestinian journalists deserve the most honors, and through this house, we look forward to offering all what we can to support and develop Palestinian media and its people who work under the most difficult circumstances and sacrifice their lives in order to convey the truth. We have lost many journalists as martyrs, and others were injured and detained while performing  their hard duty, so we extend our greetings to the heroes of the Palestinian media.



Finally, on behalf of the board’s members of Press House, I would like to extend our great thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to succeeding this organization and would like to value the efforts exerted by the Swiss government, Palestinian Communication Group, CCC, and Mohsen Alkhozondar and sons petroleum company. And let me not forget to deeply thank board members: Omar Sha'aban, Maha Elbanna, Abdul Ghani Juber, Ibrahim Barzak, Mo'amen Alsherafi, and Hekmat Yousef, for all the great efforts they made in order to get us where we are now, and for the financial support they provided through paying for their shares.


And last but not least I would like to extend our greetings to the martyrs of truth and hopes for wounded journalists to recover, and wish freedom to detained journalists.


Thank you for coming