Press House Concluded a Training Course in "The Art of Journalism Editing"

Press House Concluded a Training Course in "The Art of Journalism Editing"

Press House Concluded a Training Course in "The Art of Journalism Editing"

Press House – Palestine (BAS) concluded a training course on the topic of “Art of Journalism Editing”, the training was 5 training days, from May 31 to June 4, 2020, targeting 15 trainees were selected as freshly graduates from the Journalism and Media faculties at the Palestinian universities in the Gaza Strip.

The trainer of the course was Mr. Hassan Jabr, a journalist at the local newspaper Al-Ayyam, where he briefed the trainees on the journalistic news and its definition, the most important components and how to write it. He also briefed the trainees on how to write press reports and identified the difference between them and the journalistic news, as well as he explained the press investigations, how it was carried out and needed skills needed to do so.

The course included a practical aspect, where each trainee prepared a news and a press report, through meetings and dialogues supervised by the course trainer, published in SAWA news agency.

At the end of training course, BAS honored the best three press reports, where the trainee Sondus Abu Karsh got the first place, while the trainee Hadil Farahat got the second place, and the third place for the trainee Basma Al Kurd.

This course is part of the activities of the project "Strengthening Free and Independent Media in Palestine", funded by the Swiss and Norwegian governments.

Deliverables of The Art of Journalism Editing Training Course:

Gazan Initiative Promotes Palestinian Novel.

Karate: A Male Sport with Female Champions.

Heba Fatash A Woman from Jerusalem Resists Occupation with Beauty.

Magdi Abu Taqiya; "The Art of Miniatures" to Depict Palestinian Life.

E-Learning in The Light of Coronavirus.

Suad Afana; From Fashion Design to Tailoring Masks.

Gaza: E-Commerce Revives in Facing Unemployment Burden.

Shatha Hassan; The Prison Didn't Break Her Resilience.

Gaza Produces Sufficient Honey.

Mohammed Hamdan from Wildlife Lover to Snake Hunter.

Gazan Girl Practice Bees Breeding and Challenge Occupation.

Gaza: Rose Market Deteriorated Due to Difficult Economic Conditions.

Tahani Abu Salah, The Youngest Ph.D. Student in Arabic Language in Palestine.