Press House hosts an Exhibition for Heritage and Handicrafts

A Photo of the Event

A Photo of the Event

Gaza, 8/01/2018--- Arabisk Exhibition organized its second exhibition for heritage and handicrafts on Monday at the headquarter of the Press House in Gaza.

Fawzeya Al-Rayes, the organizer of the exhibition, said that this work contributes to helping youth of both genders market their products especially as they have not found places for them sue to the bad economic situation of the Strip.

She added; " When we'd like to organize an exhibition, we announce on social media for that and open the opportunity for youth of both genders to apply for participation."

The organizers of the exhibition target their audience through marketing on social media outlets as the sponsored announcement and Gaza markets.

Al-Rayes assured that youth of both genders participate in the exhibition to afford their pocket money and for living within the lack of job opportunities in Gaza.