Press House holds a workshop on "Human Rights Concepts"

Press House holds a workshop on "Human Rights Concepts"

Press House holds a workshop on "Human Rights Concepts"

On Thursday 13/12/2018, Press House - Palestine held an awareness workshop on "Human Rights Concepts" as part of " Enhancing Freedom of Expression, the Quality and Independency of Palestinian Media" project.

Bahjat Al-Helou, the Coordinator of the Awareness and Training Unit of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, lectured in the workshop. And it was attended by a number of journalists and graduates of media colleges in the Palestinian universities of Gaza.

Al-Helou talked about international laws, human rights conventions and international humanitarian law, reviewing the divisions of international humanitarian law.

He reviewed a number of human rights for self-defense, self-determination, freedom and other natural rights. He also linked between human rights and media, considering them sharing the same goal which is reaching the truth, calling for creating a unified media discourse specialized in human rights.

The participants discussed the role of human rights institutions in highlighting the reality of Gaza Strip and the procedures that can be taken if citizens are exposed to violations in any of their rights that affect their dignity and humanity.

The workshop also discussed mechanisms of control, accountability and basic control tools in the state, namely the judiciary, the Legislative Council, the government and the media, which is considered a national mechanism for protecting human rights.