Press House - Palestine held an open discussion about the education issues in Gaza Strip as part of the project “A Step Towards a Better Education” which is funded by the German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation...

The Press House-Plaestine conducts a Retreat Activity to discuss the education issues in Gaza Strip:



 Press House - Palestine has held an open discussion about the issues of education in Gaza Strip as part of the project “A Step Towards a Better Education” which is funded by the German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


The aim of the activity was to identify the most important challenges and problems that are facing the education, and to develop solutions and suggestions for these challenges by the participants in the meeting those are a variety of specialists in education, teachers, parents and some students also.

The discussion focused more significant on the main pillars of the education in the curriculum, the school environment and the guidance as well as the discussion of each pillar in extensive detail based on the knowledge and experience of participants depending using the brainstorming method.

There was also a discussion about the emancipatory education approach which is  based on the participation of both teacher and learner together in order to reach knowledge without excluding or canceling one to another, but to respect the learner and appreciation of his life experience and his diverse experiences.

The participants stressed the need to enhance that kind of education rather than the banking education based on receiving the learner of the information by the teacher and not participate in that.

At the end of the meeting, the participants presented a set of proposals and solutions related to the educational policies and procedures which support the improvement of education in Gaza Strip, knowing that these procedures and policies will be taken into consideration in the researches that the project is currently preparing to be published to the community.

“A Step Towards a Better Education Project” is being implemented by the Press House-Palestine in cooperation with RLS, which aims at shedding the light on the obstacles in the Education in order to raise the societal awareness through a number of activities that will be going on within 8 months.