Press House Holds a Course for its Employees on Etiquette and Communication Protocols

A Photo from the Training

A Photo from the Training

Press House-Palestine held a training workshop for its employees about Etiquettes and Communication Protocols.

The 5-hour workshop was led by Mr. Rami Al-Queshawy, Head of E'dad for Development and Consultancies.

The lecturer talked about the tactics of flirting, reception and welcoming guests. It also covered the protocols of official visits, interviews, meetings and contacting officials and guests.

course also covered the etiquettes of introducing, greeting, and talking. The eye contact and body language etiquettes are also included.

The training course included practical exercises for the Press House employees specifically on social media tactics, visits card, and food etiquettes.

This course is considered as part of capacity Building Program activities and one of Enhancing Freedom of Expression, the Quality and Independency of Palestinian Media" Project.