Press House holds two workshops on "Digital Media and Outsourcing"

Press House holds two workshops on "Digital Media and Outsourcing"

Press House holds two workshops on "Digital Media and Outsourcing"

Gaza - Press House

On June 28 and July 05, 2021, Press House - Palestine (BAS), held two workshops on the topic of "Digital Media and Outsourcing", as part of “Strengthening Free & Independent Media in Palestine” project activities in partnership with the Norwegian and the Swiss Governments.

The two workshops were held in Gaza City, with consideration of high prevention measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID 19, in presence of Engineer Mr. Mohammed Al Afifi, Academic Lecturer and Specialist in the field of E-marketing and freelance work, with participation of number of Journalists (women and men), students and graduates of media colleges in the Gaza Strip.

Mr. Al Afifi presented the concept of freelancing and E-work, the most suitable fields for freelancing in media specialties, in addition to how to deal with different freelancing platforms.

Mr. Al Afifi emphasized the importance of freelancing in reducing the gap between university specialties and labor market and contribution range in providing different job opportunities which help in reducing the unemployment rate among young people.

Also, he highlighted some freelancing platforms, as (Mostaql - Upwork - Khamsat - Fiverr) and photo selling platforms, which help beginners to work freely and break fear barrier with freelancing and explain how to deal with platforms through a practical and clarification display on what platforms contain and to know more about these platforms.

The two workshops included a number of participations from the participants, focused on how to start working through freelance platforms, investing media field in freelance work and the most suitable applications for freelance work in different journalism fields.