Press House Concludes "Human Rights Sensitivity Program" for Journalists

Human Rights Sensitivity Program

Human Rights Sensitivity Program

On Wednesday, Press House – Palestine concluded the "Human Rights Sensitivity Program" for Journalists, which included an intensive training course entitled "Promoting Concepts and Principles of Human Rights in Media Coverage," targeting 21 journalists from different media organizations and it lasted for 13 training hours.

The human rights officer at the Office of High Commissioner Dr. Tarek Mekhemer presented the training course.

The course dealt with many areas and the most important of which is the definition of the main philosophical principles of human rights, the legal approach to human rights, definition of the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly and their mechanisms, principles of international humanitarian law, and the procedures of human rights.

The course also included modifying the terms used by journalists in their press reports, according to the human rights law and international humanitarian law.

During the course, the trainees included the human rights language in written press reports, discussed and edited some of the used terms to be more appropriate with international laws.

It is worth mentioning that this program is part of the Capacity-Building Program, which is part of "Enhancing Freedom of Expression, the Quality and Independency of Palestinian Media" program, which is funded by the Norwegian and Swiss governments.