At the Press House, the Youth Higher Committee is Formed to Support Reconciliation

A Photo of the Event

A Photo of the Event

The Youth Higher Committee to support the Palestinian Reconciliation announced the formulation of the committee on Monday during a Press Conference held in the Press House in Gaza.

The Committee asserted during the conference; " We will practice the monitor role to apply the items of the reconciliation, where we will push all the available resources and possibilities to make it go forward. We'll be neutral and objective and never support one to another. "

The Committee called on active bodies in the Gaza Strip to unite the effords, contributing to make the reconciliation go forward including the consultancy committee, youth committees, students secretary, youth unions and youth groups.

The committee includes 17 youth of both genders from all governorates of the Gaza Strip as follows: Foad Banat, Foad Ayyad, Fedaa Hnaidaq, Hassan AL-Ostaz, Somya Al-Zard, Salma Al-Qadoumy, Zareif Al-Ghorra, Alaa Hamouda, Mohammad Al-Hasany, Yousta Al-Khayry, Rana Al-Agha, Wajde Azzam, Wael Abu Mohsen, and Ramez Baroud.

The committee sent all greetings to the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip for their resistance despite the oppression and siege, stressing on the importance of lifting suffering on them as a priority.