Press House launches a media campaign to promote Media Freedoms in Palestine

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Gaza - Press House

During March and April 2022, Press House – Palestine launched a media campaign to promote media freedoms at the national level . Lawyer Abdullah Sharshara, Coordinator of the Legal Protection Unit for journalists, stated that the media campaign aims to increase the level of awareness among members of the Palestinian community about media freedom and the rights of Palestinian journalists.

The media campaign included publication of billboards in different governorates addressing the slogan "Yes to press freedom" and the second paragraph of the text (27) of the Palestinian Basic Law, which stated that the freedom of the visual, audio and written media, the freedom of printing, publishing, distribution and Broadcasting, and the freedom of all the concerned people shall be guaranteed in accordance with this basic law and the relevant laws.

In addition to broadcasting a radio advertisement through local radio stations that talks about the rights of Palestinian journalists and the importance of the right of expression and access to information.

Listen to the radio spot from here: