Al Mufakirin (Media Intellectuals Group) holds a workshop on “Content Management” at Press House



Gaza - Press House

On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, Al Mufakirin (Media Intellectuals Group) held a workshop on the topic of "Content Management" on social media platforms.

The workshop was held at Press House – Palestine (BAS) in the Gaza City, with consideration of high prevention measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID 19, with participation of trainer Mr. Mohammed Al Sakani and in presence of 20 students, graduates of media colleges and who interested in social media platforms.

Mr. Al Sakani presented a number of content creator characters and role of author and writer in creating the content as writing, acting, video and audio, in addition the impact of content creator on audience through different social media platforms.

Also, he stressed the importance of investing the content management on personal level of individual who presents the content by different ways and its impact on audience.