Press House organizes a dialogue session to discuss the "Reality of Media Freedoms in Palestine Report" published by Ministry of Information for 2020

Press House organizes a dialogue session to discuss the "Reality of Media Freedoms in Palestine Report"

Press House organizes a dialogue session to discuss the "Reality of Media Freedoms in Palestine Report"

Gaza - Press House

On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, Press House – Palestine (BAS) organized a dialogue session ‎on the topic of "Reality of Media Freedoms" to discuss the annual report published by Ministry of Information (2020), in particular to discuss Israeli Occupation violations against Palestinian journalists; this session within "Journalists Have Power" project activities, funded by the Government of Canada.

The main guest of the session was Dr. Nidaa Younis, Head of public relation and information unit at the Palestinian Ministry of information through Zoom, and from the Gaza strip with consideration of high preventive measures in the light of COVID-19, Mr. Belal Jadallah, General Director of Press House, lawyer Abdullah sharshra, coordinator of the Legal Protection Unit for Journalists at Press House, and Ms. Hanadi Olwan, coordinator of "Journalists have Power" project, also, a group of journalists, media professionals and lawyers’ participated in the session.

Mr. Belal Jadallah, opened the meeting by expressing his thanking to the Palestinian Ministry of information efforts on preparing the annual report about Israeli Occupation violations against journalists (women and men) in Palestine, stressing on the importance of such reports, which would let the world know the real face of Israeli Occupation, which insists until this moment on keep his violations going against Palestinian journalists and prevent entering the safety equipment for journalists and preventing them from transition and move freely as well as their right to get treated in case of injury.

From her part, Dr. Nidaa Younis, reviewed the report details and listened to participants notes and she emphasized that the year 2020 was not normal for the entire community including journalists, in the light of COVID19 pandemic around the world.

Regarding the violations report Dr. Younis, stressed that the report will be issued in English version, also she stressed that there was a problem in the implementation of the international conventions linked to journalists in Palestine, also Israeli Occupation targeting the media freedoms and the journalist who deliver what happened on the ground, and document the violations committed by Israeli Occupation against Palestinians.

The legal consultant, Mr. Abdullah Sharshra, said, “the report represents an official document, and its important to be translated to a different language, also to ask all Palestinian embassies to hand out these reports on the countries to expose Israeli Occupation crimes, which promoting the Palestinian vision and exposing the reality of what the Israeli media transferring against the Palestinians”.

Mr. Sharshra stressed that its necessary to ask the Security Council to implement Resolution 2222/2015, about the protection of journalists and all the media workers and associated individuals in the armed conflict zones.

To review the annual report of violations of Israeli Occupation against Palestinian journalists and media organizations issued by Ministry of Information in Palestine (2020).
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