Press House concludes a training course on the topic of "Skills to Use Social Media Platforms"



Gaza - Press House

On Saturday, 28 November 2020, Press House – Palestine (BAS) concluded a training course on the topic of "Skills to use social media platforms" in presence of 20 ‎participants of a group of students and graduates of the ‎faculties of journalism and ‎media in the Gaza Strip‏.‏

The course lasted for 8 days for 45 hours‎, the facilitators of the training course was Mr. Mohamed Abu- Kmail, via ZOOM application‎, as part of "Intellectual journalists" project funded by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture.

Mr. Abu Kmail explained the basics of the work of social media platforms, and ways to trade and create content that the public wants to watch, manage and organize on different platforms.

Mr. Abu Kmail touched on research and data collection skills, the formation of digital advocacy campaigns, laws and controls in publishing on various platforms, and ways to reach the largest audience when posting on social media platforms.

Mr. Abu Kmail ‎ explained how to identify the settings of social media platforms related to publishing, demographic maps of the public, geographical maps, the space of  publications and advertisements funded, and the use of Google marketing center and its features.

At the end of the course, lawyer Abdullah Sharshra (consultant of the legal unit at Press House) presented some laws and regulations to be observed in the work of journalism, in order to contribute to the building of their legal capacity.