Under the Auspices Press House: Youth Change Fingerprint Team Implements the Initiative to Produce a Short Film about the Reality of Education in Gaza

Youth Change Fingerprint Team

Youth Change Fingerprint Team

Youth Change Fingerprint team implemented an initiative to produce a short film about the reality of primary education in Palestine sponsored by Press House - Palestine, as part of "A step towards a Better Education" project, which aims to shed light on the problems and challenges of education in Gaza Strip.

The initiative was one of four initiatives supported by the Press House to promote the concept and principles of emancipatory education, which aims to emancipatory students from traditional ways of education, enhance participation, discussion, critical thinking and equality. The team produced a short film that reflects the reality of Palestinian education and specifically the curriculum.

The film included the views of a group of educational specialists, parents and students about the old and new curriculum and the difficulties and obstacles to its development.

The film also presented emancipatory education as a model for learning and indicated the importance of its promotion and implementation in formal and informal educational institutions in Gaza Strip to reach an education, which is more open to the world and other cultures, and a learner capable of creativity and innovation.

The short film was screened before a group of youth activists, institutions and parents and was discussed in an interactive debate joining 30 participants.

The Palestinian Education Reality Initiative comes at the end of a series of initiatives supported by the Press House within "A Step towards a Better Education" project and implemented in partnership with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.