Bank of Palestine in collaboration with Press House holds a workshop on the topic of "Banking Awareness"



Gaza - Press House

On Thursday, March 31, 2022, Bank of Palestine in collaboration with Press House – Palestine (BAS), held a workshop on "Banking Awareness".

The workshop was held at Press House in Gaza City, in presence of Ms. Hala Al Husseini "Banking Sustainability and Financial Inclusion Officer", Mr. Salem Al Shorafa "Representative of the Small Projects Department", Mr. Malik Abu Shaban "Sales and marketing officer for Pay Pal", with participation of a number of students, graduates, who interested in the field of freelancing and owners' small projects.

Mr. Al Shorafa opened the workshop and talking about the importance of knowing about banking and financial issues and how to open accounts, types of accounts and the advantages of each account.

Mr. Al Shorafa added that ATM cards can be cards used locally and cards used internationally, also he explained the types of checks and ways of cashing them from the bank and the problems that owner or beneficiary can face during cashing the check and how to deal with it.

In addition, he mentioned the importance of saving checks from torn or lost or adding any words, explaining the way of dealing in case the check is lost.

Mr. Malik Abu Shaaban explained how to deal with the "Pay Pal" application, that facilitates many banking operations, in addition to other advantages of the application.

The workshop included a number of participations from attendance, which focused on how to open bank accounts, the ways of dealing with them and the most important problems they face during paying or withdrawing from bank cards.