Press House concludes “Journalists Have Power” project activities

Press House concludes “Journalists Have Power” project activities

Press House concludes “Journalists Have Power” project activities

Gaza – Press House

On Monday, February 22, 2021, Press House – Palestine (BAS) concluded the “Journalists Have Power” project activities funded by the Government of Canada.

With high prevention measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID19, Ms. Saja Hamadan, Facilitator of the ceremony, welcomed the audience in presence of Mr. Belal Jadallah, General Director of Press House, a group of journalists (women and men), and the participants and the beneficiaries from the “Journalists Have Power” project activities.

Mr. Belal Jadallah welcomed the audience and thanked the Government of Canada for supporting this project which has had a profound impact on enhancing the contribution of supporting the Palestinian journalists (women and men) and media graduates. He said, “the general goals of this project lie in raising the awareness level about the importance of legal protection for journalists (women and men) and increasing the awareness level for the members in the Palestinian community in media freedoms topics.” Mr. Belal Jadallah added, “these goals have been achieved through conducting many of legal training activities and accountability sessions concerning the legal awareness and human rights concepts for a number of journalists and opinion-makers with the participation of more than 150 participants from young journalists, activists, and media graduates based on the principals of strengthening the role of accountability for independent journalism.”

Mr. Belal Jadallah also mentioned many topics, which were discussed through the project, such as accountability and the media role, the reality of media freedoms, enhance respect of human rights among members of the Palestinian community and the decision-makers, the importance of legal protection and awareness for journalists, and the right to practice freedom of expression and accessing the information in addition to conducting an advertising campaign in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip streets using the slogan “Yes to freedom of Expression.” Moreover, two tweet sessions were held on social media.

Talking about the journalists have power project, Mr. Belal Jadallah said “the project, through the partnership with the Legal Protection Unit at Press House, monitored and documented different violations against journalists in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, such as Israeli occupation violations, internal violations, and digital media violations. Furthermore, it provided the journalists (women and men) with the legal support such as legal advice and legal audit for their journalistic materials, besides, conducting a number of round table discussions with specialists in different topics related to the legal awareness for journalists and media graduates.”

The conclusion ceremony included presenting a motion graphic summarizing the “Journalists Have Power” achievements, a Palestinian Dabka show. At the end of the ceremony, the Canadian project’s participants and beneficiaries were given their certificates.