The Press House concludes a training course of “The Radio investigative Journalism”

The Press House concludes a training course of “The Broadcast investigative Journalism”

The Press House concludes a training course of “The Broadcast investigative Journalism”

On Monday, 30th.Sep.2019, the Press House- Palestine concludes the training course of “The Radio Investigative Journalism”, which targeted 15 of female and male trainees from media and press colleges in the Gaza strip.

The course lasted for 7 days, which was presented by the French investigative journalist Marin Flauvik, the Correspondent for the Palestinian Territories at RTS to the French International Radio.

This training course which is considered the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip, presented the method and techniques of gathering information and documents in the investigative reporting, as well as the rights and duties of a journalist during the access to sound information and questioning those who are in charger for the concerned cases, so that he does not have legal problems preventing them from completing their investigation.

The French trainer explained how to record sounds and technical backgrounds using a specific recorder, as well as editing the investigation using electronic programs to reach an audible material commensurate with the public in the information delivery.

The trainer formed the trainees into 5 groups as part of an field operation training, to produce 5 broadcast investigative reports, that show how they make use of the information they received during the course.

from his side, Younis Al-Tahrawi, an advocate from the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, reviewed the right to voice recording of calls during the investigation, and the obligations of the journalist to stand on the basis of documents and evidence on the authenticity of provided information against the official or the party trying to disclose information on them.

At the end of the course, the trainees reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of the course, the trainees' future plan and what they needed to produce a broadcast investigation, revealing evidence-based facts.

This training comes as part of the project “Towards an Independent Media Platform for Capacity building, Awareness, and Involvement of Journalists”, which is funded by the Norwegian and Swiss governments.