"Press House hosts a training day entitled “The Comprehensive Journalist”

Press House hosts a training day

Press House hosts a training day

On Monday, The Press House - Palestine hosted a training day under the title” The Comprehensive Journalist”,  in it headquarters, West of Gaza City, which was organized by Media Pioneers Team, with the attendance of a number of media students and volunteers.

The manager of Media Pioneers Team, Shadi Al Sabbagh, stressed that this training day came in a series of encounters aimed to share experiences among students and media professionals , indicating that this encounter was organized in the margins of the World Media day.

Al Sabbagh pointed out that this training had covered three major topics: “Correspondence”, which was discussed by Journalist Fathi Sabbah, “Photojournalism” , discussed by Mohamed Al Baba, and “Degital Media”, discussed by Journalist Sally AlTurk. Indicating that this team is about conducting a media initiative on the correct employment of social media platforms for the interest of Media, stressing that this media campaign will be conducted in 12 training day, targeting media students to polish their skills intensively.

Its worth to mention that Media Pioneers, is a voluntary young team , established in 2017, and registered with the Ministry of Media in Gaza City, its work focuses on training and development of various projects and initiatives.