Press House organizes a meeting to activate media groups in the Gaza strip

Press House organizes a meeting to activate media groups in the Gaza strip

Press House organizes a meeting to activate media groups in the Gaza strip

The Press House organized noon on Thursday, 16 April 2019, a meeting to activate media groups in the Gaza strip, in the presence of a number of young male and female media professionals, graduates of media schools besides other various media youth groups.

The Coordinator of youth groups at the Press House, Ruba Al Ajrami, said that the Press House during the past seven years has succeeded to embrace many youth groups, organized its activities and adopted their initiatives and contributed to cause success for many of its activities.

She added:” as a complement to this work and the significant role, which aims to promote Palestinian youth, build their capacities and enhance their role in achieving free and independent Palestinian media. Therefore, the hard work must be continued to organize and focus efforts on this this young group.

Furthermore, she stated:” during the past days of my work, the Press House has worked on an integrated plan restructuring and activating this groups, which has been embraced by the institution since 2013 until the opening for affiliation to the new youth groups has been declared recently, in addition our work today in launching and activating groups of young journalists which will be the main incubator for all other affiliated groups.

For its part, Mr. Bilal Jadallah, the chairman of the Press House, said that we are facing a complex media reality in Palestine and in Gaza in particular, as a result of the Israeli Occupation and the Palestinian devision and their impact on press freedoms.

Mr. Bilal stressed that the occupation affects media through their direct targeting of journalists despite they were holding the Press badge, in addition to their restriction in the movement of journalists to get the necessary occupational safety tools.

He also indicated that the Press House is a non- profit institution, which works on enhancing the independency of media to create a journalistic generation aware of realism, through training and building of the capacities of journalists, and keeping pace with development and modernity especially among the enormous number of graduates.

Moreover, the journalist Majed abu Azoom, the manager of Youth idea group, spoke about his team successful experience which was embraced by the Press House during the past years, indicating that he is working on developing the capacities of his team in corporation with the Press House.

Mr. Azoom thanked the Press House on its efforts to give full play for youth groups to express their opinion and share their thoughts, which led his team today to celebrate the product of two years of success and brilliance.

He also pointed out that the team of “Youth Idea” carried out many initiatives with the facilities they got which had offered them an opportunity to shine, indicating that they had an independent entity in the Press House under its domestic law and regulations.