Press House conducts a meeting on “Investigative Journalism”

"Press House conducts a meeting on “Investigative Journalism”

"Press House conducts a meeting on “Investigative Journalism”

Press House- Palestine conducted a meeting on Monday,4th Feb,2019 about investigative Journalism in Palestinian territories.

The Meeting had been managed by Mr. Bilal Jadallah, Chairman of Press House, with the attendance of investigative Journalism expert Mr. Mohamed Abu Shahma , and the Editor of “Felesteen” Newspaper Mr. Mofeed Abu Shammalih, besides other interested journalists from both gender.

Mr. Bilal welcomed the attendance at the beginning of the meeting, Stressing the importance and role of investigative journalism in revealing many issues concerns the Palestinian citizen.

He emphasized that investigations presented by investigative journalism promote the practices of democracy through its oversight role over the performance of institutions ,authorities and organizations both in their formal and informal settings.

During the meeting , Journalist Mohamed Abu Shahma, An expert of investigative journalism, talked about his recent experience through his investigation titled " distributing unsuitable  beef  products for the poor".

Mr. Mohamed stressed the importance of verifying and auditing the sources of information and documentation of the investigative hypotheses in all its aspects.

He also shared the participants on the details of his recent investigation , asserting on the role of investigative journalism of behavior correction to any party whatever it is.

He emphasized the need for the journalist to have the ethics of journalistic work and not to be dragged into information before it had been recognized and validated.

In turn, the editor of “Felesteen” Newspaper Mr. Mofeed Abu Shammalih thanked the Press House for arranging this meeting, noting that this meeting will contribute to employ investigative journalism to serve the Palestinian society properly.

Mr. Mofeed explained that liberation policies sometimes do not serve to publish several investigations despite their importance, stressing at the same time the need to continue conducting aimed investigations.

He emphasized on the importance of investigative journalism in improving the lives of citizens through providing solutions for their issues and problems .

He also referred to the investigation prepared by journalist Mohammed Abu Shahma for “Felesteen” Newspaper and the circumstances surrounding the mechanisms of publishing part of it and remaining reservations on the rest of it.

The meeting conncluded with questions and inquiries from journalists about the investigative journalism and its importance in serving the Palestinian society.