Al-Aqsa University and Press House Open "Journalists on the front Line " Exhibition

Journalists on the Line of Fire

Journalists on the Line of Fire

Al-Aqsa University in cooperation with Press House - Palestine opened a photo exhibition under the title of "Journalists on the front Line " Exhibition

""Journalists on the front Line " Exhibition documents photographs taken by journalists Ashraf Abu Amra and Atiya Darwish of the violations committed against Palestinian journalists in Gaza Strip.

During his word to the audience, Dr. Kamal El Sharafi stressed the importance of the journalism image in conveying the suffering of the Palestinian people and exposing the crimes of the Israeli occupation, which is being practiced by its soldiers against an unarmed people.

Al-Sharafi explained that this exhibition highlights some of the sufferings that have afflicted the Palestinian people and the press crews in Gaza Strip.

Chairman of Press House, Belal Jadallah, thanked the administration of Al-Aqsa University for their efforts in establishing the press exhibition.

During his speech, Jadallah called for the need to focus on how to address the international community and convey the right message to them through mastering press writing in English since it is lacking in the Palestinian media.

Jadallah stressed the necessity to provide safety equipment to Palestinian journalists so that they can perform their duties properly and to avoid any dangers that may be caused to them.