In the Presence of Academics, Journalists and Graduates: Press House Holds a "Needs Assessment Meeting"

Needs Assessment Meeting

Needs Assessment Meeting

On Tuesday 9/10/2018, Press House – Palestine held a "needs assessment meeting" to evaluate the activities and events of " Enhancing freedom of  expression, the quality and independency of Palestinian media" project for the year 2018.

The meeting gathered a group of journalists, media graduates and activists who talked about the most important proposals that must be taken into consideration in order to develop media content and support Palestinian journalists.

Samar Al Malfouh, the project coordinator at the Press House, welcomed the participants and invited them to talk about the most important events and activities they participated in during 2018.

Participants called for holding a series of training courses, including editing and design, television directing, voice over, writing journalism stories in addition to preparing a media trainer course.

A number of participants presented proposals, including polarized a foreign trainer to hold a training course for media trainers in Gaza in order to benefit from external expertise. They addressed the need to ascertain media sources and hold more awareness-raising meetings in all fields and not making them limited to the field of media only.

The participants pointed to the necessity to pay attention to citizen journalism and how to deal with the journalism sources, Israeli sources and online media.

The participants asked Press House to conduct more media and awareness - building workshops on the law, media and false media terminology used by journalists and media union.