Press House Holds a Training Course on "Using Smart Phone in Media Coverage"

Using Smart Phone in Media Coverage

Using Smart Phone in Media Coverage

On September 23, 2018, Press House – Palestine held a training course on "Using Smart Phone in Media Coverage" targeting 19 trainees of journalists and social activists interested in media coverage.

The training course lasted for 11 days including 55 training hours. It was presented by the trainers; Hisham Zaqout and Hazem Abu Humaid.

The training course defined the use of smartphones in media coverage, explained its features, and clarified the process of films' production using smartphones. It also dealt with scheduling the shooting dates, production stage teams and the stage of production and delivery. Moreover, it explained how to sound recording the reports, choose the best image characteristics, choose the qualified equipment used in film production and how to process storage.

The course also covered the methodology of filmmaking, screenwriting, shooting, television reports, television editing and montage in a professional manner.

During the course, the trainees were divided into six groups and decided ideas for the films they will produce. Each team filmed these ideas as a practical aspect of the course.

The two trainers followed up the participants during the process of filming and guided them in the editing, lighting, shooting and the sound of the scenes.

At the end of the course, six films, on drama, documentaries and humanities, were presented as outputs of the course to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each film and how to improve them.

The two trainers evaluated each film based on technical criteria; clarity of idea, shooting, editing, production, lighting, sound.

Finally, certificates were distributed to the participants and the first three winning films were awarded the money prize, which are; "The Art of Miniatures", "Pencil" and "Selfie".

It is worth mentioning that this course is part of the Capacity-Building Program, which is part of "Enhancing freedom of expression, the quality and independency of Palestinian media" project funded by the Norwegian and Swiss governments.