Press House and An-Najah Media Center conduct a Workshop on "Democracy between Theory and Practice"

Democracy between Theory and Practice

Democracy between Theory and Practice

Press House - Palestine and the Media Center at An-Najah National University conduct a workshop entitled "Democracy between Theory and Practice", in marking the International Day of Democracy and as part of "Enhancing Freedom of Expression, the Quality and Independency of Palestinian Media" project.

Dr. Raid Nairat, Head of Political Science at An-Najah National University and Coordinator of the Planning and Political Development Program at the University's Graduate School, lectured in the workshop. In addition to more than 60 journalists participated in this workshop.

He touched upon the reality of democracy and how it moved from the theoretical framework to the practical reality in many countries of the world. While other countries still face obstacles in transforming the theoretical framework into reality.

Participants in the workshop also discussed the reality of Arab democracies, whether they are real and are actually implemented or whether attempts are still being made and have not registered the successes required so far.