Press House Holds Workshop on "Gender Sensitivity in Journalistic Reports"

Gender Sensitivity in Journalistic Reports

Gender Sensitivity in Journalistic Reports

Press House, Palestine, held an outreach workshop entitled "Gender Sensitivity in Journalistic Reports" as part of "enhancing freedom of expression, the quality and independency of the Palestinian media" project.

The workshop, which was attended by the Palestinian writer and trainer Reham Owda, targeted a number of graduates of journalism and media colleges.

Owda advised media students to take into account the sensitivity of gender in the work of journalism, especially in written, seen and audio journalism reports.

She also recommended using journalism and media work to raise public awareness about gender and rights of Palestinian women, especially marginalized women, calling for enhancing the role of journalists in the field of women's rights, laws and conventions related to gender issues.

Owda stressed the need to highlight the issues of violence against Palestinian women in Gaza and demanded to find urgent solutions that lead to raise awareness among citizens in the protection of battered women.

She pointed to the importance of raising awareness of media workers in the field of women's rights, gender issues and international conventions, especially CEDAW, which states to defend the rights of women in all countries of the world, as well as addressing these issues in all forms of journalism coverage.

She called for the need to identify journalists and workers in the field of journalism in how to be aware of gender sensitivity in all types of journalism coverage. She also pointed out the importance of informing journalists about the most important concepts, culture and gender terms and teaching them how to eliminate discrimination against women in accordance with CEDAW.

She stressed the importance of the impact of the media and the role it plays in raising public awareness about gender and women's rights, pointing out that participants were briefed on some lessons learned from previous press experiences in integrating gender concepts into journalism.