Press House Organizing a Meeting about " The Experience of Female Journalists at Field"

The Experience of Female Journalists at Field

The Experience of Female Journalists at Field

Press House- Palestine has organized on Monday the 25th June, 2018 a dialogue meeting about the experience of female journalists at field of work, which took place at Yaboos Charity Society in Rafah city, southern of the Gaza Strip.

The Meeting has hosted the journalists Hajar Harp, the correspondent of AL Masirah Channel,, Amal Brika, Ala' Al Hams and Mohammad Abdullah, the researcher at AL Mezan Center for Human Rights. The meeting was attended by a distinguished participants' journalists.

The journalist Hajar Harp, has expressed her own experience in the field of journalism and media in general. She has presented the difficulties and challenges that women encounter as men. These challenges are such Palestinian division, the borders' closure, and prohibition of travelling. Therefore, the internal challenges represented in the negative social perspective towards the women working in the field of media.

Ala' Al Hams, has also expressed her experience and drew the attention towards the differences between women working in media institutions and the others working as free lancer journalists. She has invited her colleagues of females to exert more efforts to shifting the gender stereotype about women in media in the Palestinian society.

As well, Amal Brika has confirmed the legal rights that female journalists should have such the right to access to information, as well the officials should cooperate the questions that journalists present, in addition to the right of job opportunities for women in media.

At the end of the meeting, the participants shared the discussion and expressed their opinions and questions to the presenters, and finally they have provided their recommendations .

This meeting comes as part of building capacities programme in the project of "Enhancing Freedom of Expression, the Quality & Independency of Palestinian Media" which is funded by the Norwegian and Swiss governments.