Press House - Palestine Organizing a Dialogue Meeting about " Journalists' Right of Movement"

Journalists' Right of Movement

Journalists' Right of Movement

Press House has organized a dialogue meeting about " Journalists' Right of Movement" on Thursday, 7th June, 2018 in Gaza.

Saber Al Nairab ,the Human Rights Officer at High Commissioner Office and Baker El Turkmani, the Coordinator Officer of Investigations at the Independent Commission of Human Rights- ICHR has hosted the meeting with the attendance of media prominent and journalists.

Belal Jadalah, the Chairman of Press House, assures that this meeting gains it's importance from the high value of the subject will be highlighted.

He mentioned the video prepared by Press House which is presenting a cases of some journalists who have won an international prizes, but they couldn't travel to receive it since of the continue closure of Rafah border. He expressed his hope to continue opening the border to facilitate the journalists movement from and to Gaza.

The video has been showed during the meeting, and it has presented the suffering of Journalists Ashraf Abu Amrah, Ali Jadallah, and Samar Abu El'ouf in the movement and the absence of safety equipments for journalists.

Baker El Turkmani expressed his thanking to Press House for dealing with journalists causes intensely. And he said that issue of journalists movement is not oriented by Israel only, but there are other bodies encounter their movement, and he assures the dangerous of forbidding the journalists from traveling and practicing their work.

He added, " The internal Palestinian division and blockade have a clear negative effects on the freedom of journalists" , as well, he called on the necessity to defend this right and the accountability of the concerned parties.

On the other side, Saber Al Nairab assured that the right of freedom of movement is for all people wither they are journalists, patients, students, or any other citizen.

He talked about the high effectiveness of the internal division and the Israeli Occupation on the Palestinian society, confirming their worseness on the social cohesion by discrimination upon belonging.

He added, " We are the citizens have the right to inform to the United Nations about the attacks of our rights, especially after joining Palestine the international agreements and treats .

He finally asked the Palestinian journalists to addressing all the international unions and lobbying the public opinion, international community, and raising the attacks against them to the international level.

At the end, the attendance have participated the discussion and shared opinions and recommendations about the dialogue topic.