Press House Conduct a Series of Follow- up Meetings During the Second Phase of "A Step Towards A better Education Project'

A Step Towards A better Education Project

A Step Towards A better Education Project

Press House has conducted a three follow- up meetings with the team of "A Step Towards A better Education Project" funded by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung- Germany.

This meetings comes during the data collection activity to assess the needs of education in the Gaza Strip and it's priorities.

The three meeting has been held before, during and after collecting the data with each of the project coordinator, project consultant and the experts of data analysis and researches.

In the first meeting, the team which is divided into five governorates and project staff has identified and decided the process they are going to work on to collect the data, and they were provided the instructions and advices by the consultant and the expert.

They also worked in groups to design the tools of the study, and they last by a questioner form and guide paper of the interviews and focus groups to be applied on the study sample in the education field.

Meanwhile, In the second meeting, the findings and results of the collected data have been presented and discussed with the team. Based on, the main priorities were defined to be studied in the second stage of the field visits. These priorities are school environment, new curriculum and school guidance. However In the Last meeting, the findings of the three axes of the study have been discussed.

The expert has expressed her satisfaction about the quality of the findings emerged in the analysis and the high credibility of the data being collected by the team, and she has expressed her gratitude about their performance which was improved comparing the first stage.

It should be noted that these meetings is meant to follow the quality and credibility of the collected data that the project makes to study, in order to prepare researches reflect the reality of education in the Gaza Strip, and to provide a suggestions and recommendations to decision makers to improve the defects and weaknesses occurred in.