Press House- Palestine Conduct a Training Course about Journalistic Editing

Training Course about Journalistic Editing

Training Course about Journalistic Editing

Press House has conducted on the 6th May, a training course on Journalistic Editing targeting 15 trainees of the graduates of faculties of journalism and media In Gaza.

The training course which lasted for four days was lead by Dr. Majed Tarban, Dean of the Faculty of Media at Al-Aqsa University.

On the first day, Tarban addresses the concepts of news editing, news report, press release, and identified the trainees the technical templates for writing news, leads and titles. Moreover, the trainees acquired the skills of writing news and all kinds of news releases.

However on the second day, they Identified the technique of press report and it's styles, and comparing it with other kinds. In addition they were trained about making an independent professional journalist investigaton and interviews skills.

And on the third day, the trainees has learned about the templates of various news reports; personal, news and live. They also acquired reporting skills.

Finally, he has presented the techniques of writing and editing feature stories beside the skills of preparing the interview and feature story to be published.

The course included a practical activities whereas each trainee has produced a report at the end of the course, and the best five of them were awarded.

This initiative comes as a part of the "Capacity Building Program" which is concerned to building the capacities of journalists and promoting their participation in media work. The initiative is part of the activities of "Promoting Freedom of Expression, Quality and Independence of Palestinian Media project " funded by the Norwegian and Swiss governments.