Press House Holds Needs Assessment Course within A Step Towards a Better Education

A Photo of the Event

A Photo of the Event

The Press House-Palestine concluded Needs Assessment Course, which is the first training out of three, targeting 20 media workers of both genders within A Step Towards a Better Education project, implemented by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Foundation.

The first course was entitled " Needs Assessment", in a total of 20 hours led by the trainer Mr. Iyad Al-Krunz.

The course aims at helping the trainees recognize the tactics of Needs Assessment, its tools and different strategies by connecting the theoretical strategy with the practical. He also explained how to deal with education sector  during assessing the needs of the second phase of the project.

The training included many practical activities, that aimed to break the ice and build up the potentials of trainees to be included in the atmosphere of work, and applying the theoretical parts with practices.

At the end of the training, Ms. Sahar Sarsour, Projects Manager, thanked the trainer and praised the efforts devoted by them during the training.

Worth noting that the project's idea depends on linking media to education.

The project aims at shedding the light on the education's problems in the Gaza Strip through raising the awareness of the society within eight months of the project implementation.