Women Union Launches a Campaign " Our Issues are a right"

A Photo of the Event

A Photo of the Event

The General Women Union launched a campaign called " Our Issues are a Right" on Sunday on the occasion of Woman International Day at the headquarter of Press House in Gaza city.

In her speech, Amal Hamad, the Head of General Union for the Palestinian Woman, said that this year is going to be special for the Palestinian woman.

She explained that the activity of Woman International Day will be launched on the Seventh of this month within demonstrations in the Gaza Strip and West Bank as well as Beirut at the same time, to indicate that the pain of Palestinian is the same and so is our issue.

In her turn, Mrs. Andaleeb Odwan, Head of CMC, stressed on the importance of launching the campaign via media as media plays an essential part of people's lives.

Odwan explained that " increasing the awareness of people on the issues of women, using media is important." She added that this campaign was launched under many mottos to ensure the right to return and the Jerusalem is an Arabian Right.

Dr. Mariam Abu Daqa, Women Activist, confirmed that the woman is the half of the society, who gives birth the first half and educates the other half. Women political participation has advantages on the whole society, more than on her.

Abu Daqqa advised all women to be confident as they are great and the future makers.

Abu Daqa asked all women not to look back and to resist in order to be the sample of the strong woman.