In the Press House… Female and Male Poets for Jerusalem

A Photo from the Event

A Photo from the Event

Gaza, 30/12/2017--- The Cultural Club organized a literal evening where thirty poets of both genders. The activity aims at advocating for Jerusalem issue, protesting against the decision of the American President Dolnald Trumph.

The novelist Dr. Atef Abu Saif opened the activity with a speech, confirming that the Palestinians are fighting for their freedom with all possibilities. He also stated that the Palestinian literature always taking a great role in resistance, where this activity is for supporting Jerusalem issue.

He confirmed that the Palestinians are united in advocating for the Jerusalem issue, where the poets and intellectuals are the supportive front to defend the Palestinian novel and literature.

During the activity, the poets recited various poems that show the Palestinians' resistance and situation for achieving freedom, independency and the right of return.

The activity was led by Ahmad Abdel Aziz, who recited many poems during moderating the event.